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The ViperSquad, more secretive than even the Black. A 3 unit ultra-covert task team, they operate under the radar and outside of government jurisdiction. So secretive, nobody knows their real names, and no squad logos appear on their uniforms outside of their own custom symbols.

Codename: ChronoViper. An extremely mobile operative, ChronoViper is capable of high agility traversal within urban environments. Utilizing a long-range triple-zoom Iridium "83 Mk2 "Venoms Kiss" rifle, targets are subdued with a maximum of two shots, with weaker target elimination with just chip-damage. Equipped with three STCT-1 (Space Time Conversion Teleporter) units, the operative can place down teleport units at tactical locations around operation zones, and instantaneously blink between them. High-level Killzone control and enemy unit suppression is ChronoViper's specialty.

Though little is known of her, ChronoViper displays a high level of professionalism in combat, and follows orders precisely.

August 18, 2017